• Enter Project Islandia!

    Welcome to the new website redesign of Project Islandia! Halfway into the 15th week of development, the game is starting to come together, and we hope you enjoy the new live site as we update it with new videos, screenshots, and information. As always, we'd love for you to test Project Islandia and give us feedback. We always do our best to listen and deliver the best gameplay experience for you. You'll be hearing from us with new updates soon!

End of the Road

Hey everyone,

We’ve reached the end of our journey developing Project Islandia.  It’s been a crazy ride.  Here is some documentation of our journey:


After taking the role of Miles Weston, a citizen initially unaware of the trouble brewing in New Haven, and joining with Elvira Causton, a long-time friend, in an impromptu escape from the ECDC, an oppressive energy corporation, you get caught up in a secret society which begins to turn you into an instrument of destruction. Systematically taking down the organization which turned New Haven into a socially unstable, broken down metropolis, you soon learn the conspiracy of Project Islandia, a movement which, if completed, will change and rip apart the world of millions.

Using an instrument designed by Elvira, Miles learns to manipulate physics quickly, launch guards from cliffs, and solve puzzles that would be impossible to most. The exciting first-person perspective lets you learn with Miles, as both he and Elvira realize that the conflict between the powerful and the powerless might be more complex than they think.